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Sponsorship Opportunties

Smash Point offers several sponsorship opportunities.

Why should you sponsor?

Smash Point is a local family-owned premier destination for pickleball enthusiasts in the Harrisburg area. With a weekly footfall of 2,000 to 4,000 visitors and up to 250,000 annual advertising impressions, our facility offers unparalleled exposure to a family-oriented demographic that is passionate about sports and health. Our customer base, consisting of people aged 8 to 80, is actively engaged in various activities. During peak months and special events, foot traffic triples, amplifying the reach of your message. By sponsoring Smash Point, you can connect with a vibrant and influential community, showcase your brand to a captivated audience, and support the growth of pickleball in the region. Join us in promoting an active lifestyle, building strong community connections, and reaching thousands of individuals on a weekly basis.

What do we offer?

We are excited to present exclusive sponsorship opportunities for SmashPoint. As we strive to create a thriving hub for pickleball enthusiasts, we invite you to partner with us as a sponsor and be part of our exciting journey. By sponsoring SmashPoint, you not only align your brand with a fast-growing and popular sport but also gain unparalleled exposure to a passionate and engaged audience. Our sponsorship packages offer a range of benefits designed to maximize your brand visibility, strengthen community ties, and enhance your corporate image. Join us in promoting healthy lifestyles, fostering community connections, and supporting the growth of pickleball, all while enjoying the numerous perks and promotional opportunities our sponsorship packages offer.

Sponsorship Tiers

SmashPoint PB Sponsorship Brochure1_Page1.png
SmashPoint PB Sponsorship Brochure1_Page2.png
SmashPoint PB Sponsorship Brochure1_Page3.png
SmashPoint PB Sponsorship Brochure1_Page4.png
SmashPoint PB Sponsorship Brochure1_Page5.png
SmashPoint PB Sponsorship Brochure1_Page6.png
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